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Tanashinde cosmetics

Our quail farm is located 38km outside of Vrsac, in Hajducici. The journey from quail to Tanoshinde cosmetics soap is 6 months long! Japanese quail eggs are incubated for 30 days until a new bird is exposed. It takes 2 ½ more months for the quail to begin to carry eggs and 2 ½ months until our soap is made.

The basic foundation of all of Tanoshinde cosmetics is natural oils, essential oils and a large amount of Japanese quail eggs making them exceptional in healing potential.

One 100g bar of soap contains 17 ½ Japanese quail eggs!

This is the first time in the world that a manufacturer has successfully processed Japanese quail eggs into soap.

In the processing of our soaps essential oils used are the same as renowned French Roche cosmetic house.

1500 eggs are needed for 10kg of compound for Tanoshinde cosmetic soaps that are handmade; cut to match quality.

Users of Tanoshinde soaps are thrilled with the effects achieved in treating problematic skin and acne. All agree that Tanoshinde soaps rejuvenate, soften and make skin feel younger, as expected, since Japanese quail eggs contain a large amount of tocopherol (vitamin E) that contributes to skin renewal.

Thanks to the eggs of the Japanese quail, our soaps contain the perfect ratio of ingredients that nourish skin in the most natural and high quality way. Japanese quail egg soap is PH neutral and has no effect on the acidity of the skin and is extremely pleasing to dry skin.

Two fragrant soap notes are used in Tanoshinde cosmetics: musk, neva, cinnamon & vanilla (exfoliant). In the soap intended for exfoliation, there are ground dried husks made of quail egg shells that are chalked full of calcium.

Tahoshinde cosmetics

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