Imprisonment for making a phone call while driving

Because cars are dangerous weapons, penalties for dangerous driving in Great Britain are to be "dangerous driving" can be aggravated – even up to life imprisonment for manslaughter

How violence against people is judged and sanctioned depends very much on the circumstances. Anyone who injures or kills a person with a knife or other weapon is generally punished much more severely than if they do the same behind the wheel of a vehicle. Vehicles can be seen as dangerous weapons, or at least they become dangerous weapons when they risk or even unconsciously provoke accidents through appropriate driving behavior.

Most drivers were allowed to ame that nothing would happen to them and that they would master all dangers, even if they roared onto the road with their heavy projectiles. Probably the impression of sitting in a locked vehicle as an extension of one’s own body is the cause of this misunderstanding. Driving a car, especially at high speed, is no less risky than running around in a crowd with an open knife.

Normally, when drivers kill others through their own fault, they are punished relatively leniently only on the grounds of vehicular manslaughter. If drugs or alcohol are involved, the penalties have been made more severe, but if the driver was talking on the phone or otherwise inattentive, it’s a different story. For many risky behaviors there are high fines. It is well known that distracted attention by talking on the phone, eating, talking, smoking, playing on the radio or curiously looking out of the windows are not harmless if you are driving a deadly car.

The UK government is now proposing to impose stiff penalties for even the most seemingly trivial driving offences in a bid to bring discipline to motoring. Whether the project will ever become reality is another question, since driving is still one of the activities where people want to see their freedom and self-responsibility realized despite all the rules – which probably also includes the danger. Finally, in the sense of monitoring and punishment, stricter and more punitive rules will once again intervene in people’s lives.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has launched a consultation to introduce tougher penalties for dangerous driving and proposes to drastically increase the penalties. Thus, when dangerous driving leads to the death of a human being, it is not just a case of manslaughter, but of manslaughter, for which a life sentence could be imposed. In Great Britain, the maximum penalty for this is two years in prison.

Drangler and drivers who talk on their cell phones should not only risk a fine, but should be punished with imprisonment, according to the proposal. Playing with the car radio or other devices, running a red light, overtaking on the left or making a risky turn from a side road could also result in prison sentences. The attitude of the population has changed, explained Ken MacDonald of the CPS. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the penalties for dangerous driving, especially if someone is killed in the process. First, however, it must be clarified what constitutes dangerous driving. This can include aggressive or fast driving as well as inattention or laziness. Drivers are also distracted when they light a cigarette, talk to the passenger or read a map or a book. read a newspaper.

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