Chinese manufacturers bid “high quality refugee boats” at

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On sale: inflatable dinghies as refugee boats from China.

The EU ied an order in July to prevent the sale and supply of inflatable boats and eave motors to Libya, many of which originate from China

A cynical but arguably real offer is made by a Chinese manufacturer on the Alibaba trading How Will Horner on, they continue to offer inflatable boats for refugees, with life jackets as an option. Presumably, it is not the refugees themselves who are being targeted, but the trafficking organizations that make their money from them. Although the EU is trying to prevent the trade of such crude inflatable boats, as the example shows, they are openly advertised. Most of the inflatable boats on the market in the EU also come from China.

Are offered by Huayu "high quality refugee boats" made of PVC in the price between 800 and 1100 US dollars. These are inflatable dinghies for 25-30 persons in any color with a length of 9 m and a width of 4.2 m. They are equipped with an air pump, a repair kit, seats and oars, in addition, one can buy a boat for refugees.a. Buy rescue jackets, an electric air pump, a canopy or an anchor. However, it is not only suitable for refugees, but also for fishing, rescue, leisure, tourism etc. Shipped by ship or plane or express with a Tur-to-Tur service. The normal delivery time is 15 days. Special designs are also offered.

For Annemarie Loof of Doctors Without Borders, the sale of such inflatable, non-seaworthy dinghies as "Refugee boats" very irresponsible, as it puts people’s lives at risk. It was not enough to stop the sale as long as there were no safe and legal ways for migrants and refugees.

An offer already deleted by Alibaba had also advertised inflatable refugee boats, which are not to sink. They had "good capacity of not going under" Even if the boat is fully loaded and also full of water, it can continue to float on the water.

A report from Operation Sophia, published by WikiLeaks, shows that as early as 2015, tugboats from China were using inflatable dinghies. They are shipped from China to Libya via Malta or Turkey. This became a problem after the European operation destroyed the coarser and more seaworthy wooden boats of the traffickers, who then switched to inflatable boats that were disposable and cheap, but also very risky for the refugees and migrants.

This is also stated in an EU report from the beginning of 2017, that "Business model" the smuggler has changed. They have increasingly become migrants and refugees in "put cheap and completely unseaworthy inflatable dinghies that have no chance of ever reaching Italian shores". The smugglers amed that the people would be rescued soon after reaching the Libyan coast. 70 percent of all boats leaving Libya are dinghies, which make the crossing increasingly dangerous and increase the number of drownings.

One of the common inflatable boats used by smugglers for refugees and migrants: Image: CSDP EEAS/common

On 17. In July, the EU ied measures to restrict the export of inflatable boats and outboard motors to Libya. EU states can now ban exports or shipments to Libya if there are reasonable grounds to believe they will be used by people smugglers. This is not intended to prevent sales for legitimate uses, such as fishing, which require eel motors. So is now for outboard engines and inflatable boats "Prior authorization required "for sale, supply, transfer or export … originating or not in the Union, directly or indirectly to any person, entity or body in, or for use in Libya".

In May, Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Commissioner for Migration, visited Beijing and asked the Chinese government to prevent Chinese-made boats from falling into the hands of smugglers. Of course, this will not have been of much use, especially since it is a matter of business and China could hardly have an interest in hindering the export with rough conditions.


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