“Now, of all times, the cooperation in one of the most spectacular anti-terrorist operations has become known”

The BND is suddenly said to be not only a lackey, but an important partner of the US intelligence services

Bild am Sonntag has reported that the German intelligence agency BND, which is under prere for acting as a lackey of the NSA and allegedly helped spy on European politicians and companies on its behalf, also helped US intelligence services. Of all things, U.S. intelligence agencies are said to have reported to Springerblatt five years after bin Laden was killed that the BND played a significant role in the hunt for the al-Qaida chief.

The newspaper also gives every reason to be suspicious when it writes at the outset: "There is a lot to criticize about the cooperation between German and U.S. intelligence services. But there have also been successes in the fight against terror…" So the BND should be exonerated a little bit and be upgraded as an important partner by the US intelligence services? "Now of all times" the "cooperation in one of the most spectacular anti-terrorist operations known to mankind".

Yes, why now of all times, can actually also ask itself. Justice Minister Maab (SPD) has just called for stricter control of the BND and SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel, as well as SPD Secretary General Yasmin Fahimi, have called on the Chancellor to hand over the NSA selector list to the Parliamentary Control Committee, even without the consent of the US government. "We are neither unmouthy nor command receivers", said Gabriel. "The German government has to show some backbone in this respect." Fahimi spoke of the "submissiveness". The CDU/CSU is squabbling and criticizing the SPD, which wants to play government and opposition at the same time.

There is a crisis in the coalition. Is that why the BND is to be upgraded, whoever leaked the information?? According to the story told or spun together by Bild, an agent of Pakistani intelligence, who also worked for the BND, learned that bin Laden had been "with the knowledge of Pakistani security authorities" was hiding in Pakistan. One does not want to go so far that they have held him in Pakistan, as Seymour Hersh has reported. In any case, the BND is said to have informed the CIA. When this should have happened, is not said. The CIA now knew where to look for him, as if it could not have imagined that. The US secret service is now "with the greatest technical and personnel efforts" and monitored a courier known since 2007, who, according to the official account, led the Americans to bin Laden’s hiding place in Abbottabad.

The CIA then spent another seven months gathering information to make sure that it was really bin Laden. The BND has also helped the Americans in this regard. Just from the eavesdropping station in Bad Aibling, where NSA and BND were already cooperating and the BND received the selector lists, the telephone and mail traffic in northern Pakistan had been monitored to make sure that the planned mission had not come to light. This had not happened, so the mission took place.

Will this now help the BND and the Chancellor?? It’s a story that seems to be betting that the "spectacular" Bin Laden hunt still has distracting power. However, the challenger to the U.S. and the West, the long-sought Bosewicht, who faded into irrelevance back in 2010, has now long since been trumped by al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State.

Moreover, the whole mission is obsolete after Navy Seals also tried to make their business by leaking alleged details. According to sources uncovered by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh (The Killing of Bin Laden: All Lies), bin Laden is said to have been held captive by Pakistan since 2006, paid for by the Saudis. What is interesting about this story is that the Americans were directly informed about the stay by a Pakistani intelligence officer, who demanded the 25 million US dollars he had paid for it. There is no mention of the BND.

Moreover, the operation is said to have been agreed with Pakistan, which is a good indication. In any case, the heroic tale of the Nay Seals special commando served to enhance the reputation of U.S. President Obama, who, in a daring and successful action, had captured the "terrorist furriest" the terrorist, which Bush had failed to do.

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