The train will pick us up at home in the future

The train will pick us up at home in the future

Image: Deutsche Bahn

Traffic conditions on German roads are becoming increasingly catastrophic

Traffic jams are getting longer and more frequent, the number of accidents exceeds 400,000 a year and.000 and every year over 3,000 people are killed by cars.000 people. On average, a German spends more time in traffic jams than having sex. Is that quality of life?

Finally, Deutsche Bahn shows ways out of the traffic catastrophe and launches a so far unique project. Public transport in Germany is to become more attractive and more comfortable. As attractive as individual car traffic. To get started with the new concept, Deutsche Bahn is now launching a first attempt in Hamburg to pick up its passengers at home. First with ten electric cars. Customers can order a shuttle via a cell phone app and be taken to the next stop at local transport prices. Railroad boss Huber announced that similar services would soon follow in other cities.

In addition, long-distance rail service is to be expanded so that the current hourly interval between major cities will become a half-hourly interval. The railroad wants to change the way we travel.

In the future, everything will run together via a mobility platform: Train, bus, cab, bicycle, car sharing. This is already the case in New York. Soon it will be the same all over Europe. Digital competition finally brings us the necessary transport turnaround.

The journey from tower to tower is now to become everyday life. It’s about more mobility with fewer cars. In fact, the new rail concept will make many private cars superfluous. Only then the traffic collapse can still be stopped.

Very important for the mobility of the future: the train offers far more safety than the car. I am 100 times safer on the train than in a car. What hardly anyone believes, but is a fact: Since 1945, 120 million people worldwide have been killed by cars. That is twice as many deaths as in the Second World War. Three million more deaths every year.

Digitization will turn the old automobility on its head. And traveling by app will be cheaper than the current parking of a private car, which drives on average about 30 minutes per day, but stands and rusts for 23.5 hours. There are always alternatives. Even the widespread disease of driving can be cured.

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