In the control of the security state?

Under the control of the security state?

Covid-19 control in China. Image: Pau Colominas / CC BY-SA 4.0

comment. Not only the Leipzig Book Fair, also warning strikes are canceled in the sign of the Corona virus. Critical voices several

Soothing sounded by no means, which Health Minister Jens Spahn explained today in a government clarification for coronavirus spread. There was a new situation that the disease had reached Germany and the worst was not excited. If the minister of the population then ared, there was no reason to worry, it then seems more than obligatory notice.

No word said Spahn to the disturbing interventions in the life of the population, which have been recorded in Germany for several days. So the 3 was. Warning strike of the outsourced workers at the Berlin Charite, who was long prepared, from the service union verdish canceled.

But the strike deposit did not occur because the worked successes in their fight for improving their working conditions had achieved. Rather, for the time being all work struggles were canceled because of the Coronavirus. The decision rely on a little reason for many of the workers.

Some even spoke of a crimping off the strike. But it seems more likely to be the general dramatization of the spread of Covid-19, which also dictates the decisions at the trade union council. The cancellation of the Leipzig Book Fair a few days before her openation is probably the clearest expression of a – my catching – "Irrationalism", who is only an example of the Coronavirus.

"With numbers is made and panic", Commented Felix Lee in the taz very right. Lee, the long China correspondent of the TAZ throws a second look at the numbers. There is not the picture of a world threatened by an unstoppable pandemic:

In some countries, especially in the country of origin of China itself, many infected ones are already recovered – and thus no longer contagious. The particularly violently affected Chinese crisis province Hubei has since the beginning of the outbreak nearly 68.000 infected. Contagious are currently 29.000, tendency further falling.

In the Metropolises Shanghai, Guangzhou or Tianjin, the respective number of the current infected infected ones is even fallen to less than 50. Nevertheless, hardly anyone hardly dares into these city. Singapore, where it started at the beginning of 100 infected from China’s most violent outbreak, currently pays 25 sick. The sudostasian city state is still listed in the ranking far in front. The Vietnam also founded as a worry country now applies as Coronaviren-free. Tourists remain far away this country.

Where is the murdered burger that can decide himself, whether he exposes a danger?

Why did not Minister Spahn not mention exactly these examples in his explanation, making a contribution against the distress? Why did not he fail, people should not narrow themselves in their everyday life, as is regularly to hounds of Islamists and other fascists from politicians?

It would be a completely different message when we learned about the static reports of tagged coarse events, strikes, closed schools and abords, as the disease real extends, how many people have high illness symptoms and if we were also experienced in many areas the number of affected is rising.

Then the people themselves could decide whether they take the risk to participate, for example, to attend a strike event or to visit the Leipzig Book Fair. The goods quite in the sense of the murdered burger, which can decide himself to suspend a danger. This is finally the ideal that the bourgeois company in front of him.

There are also some Lander traveling warnings for certain diseases. But there is hardly a ban to travel to the Lander. So the burger decides himself whether he exposes himself to the risk and then sick. In the case of the Leipzig Book Fair, the resists determined under the motto of security that the burgers are not famous enough to decide themselves to expose themselves to the risk of illness.

"The health of our burgers and the city is our top priority", Is Leipzig’s Oberburgermeister Burkhard quoted young. In recent years through court judgments, health policy also gained the rights of the individual, even with the question of which health risks a person can expose. The state is not the instance that can protect us from all illnesses and should.

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