Must maaben take his slouch hat?

Must maaben take his floppy hat?

Must BfV-president Maaben leave? Image: BfV

Springer newspaper "Die Welt" reports on upcoming removal of the president of the domestic intelligence service

According to a report in the daily "The world" Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has decided to remove the president of the domestic intelligence agency, Hans-Georg Maaben. The Springer sheet refers to so far unconfirmed information from coalition circles. Merkel believes that the controversial head of the domestic intelligence agency has interfered too much in federal political debates. He is therefore no longer tenable as head of the agency.

Maaben has been the subject of massive criticism for weeks because of various mistakes and actions. In an interview with the "Image"-newspaper, he had questioned media reports that right-wing extremist riots and violence had broken out after a killing in Chemnitz "Hustings" came on foreign looking people. In doing so, he directly opposed Merkel and the government from which the reports had been taken.

Maaben’s reappearance is part of a series of scandals involving the head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution: his secret service is said to have concealed an undercover agent in the circle surrounding the Christmas market bomber Anis Amri, he is said to have advised leading representatives of the Alternative for Germany and to have passed on classified information to representatives of the parliamentary group.

While the CDU/CSU parties and the FDF have so far nevertheless been resisting Maaben, politicians from the Greens and the Left have been vehemently calling for his removal from office. Last week, representatives of the SPD joined this demand; first the Juso leader Kevin Kuhnert, then SPD faction leader Andrea Nahles. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of the CSU, on the other hand, had still rejected an Entlang of the 55-year-old Maaben on Thursday and expressed his confidence in him.

The federal government today declined to comment on the report by the "World" and would not confirm an Entlang of Maaben. Government spokesmen referred only to statements by Merkel. At the end of the week, the CDU politician had referred to a planned top-level meeting tomorrow, Tuesday. She expressed her confidence that the rough coalition would not break apart because of the way the president of a subordinate agency – the Verfangsschutz is subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior – was treated.

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