Right-wing radicals and hooligans mobilize in sweden against young refugees

After Koln and the murder of a Lebanese-born social worker by a 15-year-old Somali, right-wingers reportedly want to protect women, but some of them are keeping their distance

Last Friday, about a hundred black-masked right-wing radicals took advantage of public opinion about refugees and marched through the city center. The mob, according to police, fubball hooligans and right-wing radicals, preyed on foreign-looking youths, according to a report in the newspaper Aftonbladet, though police would not (yet) confirm this. However, the neo-Nazi group called Swedish Resistance Movement claimed that they had roughed up North Africans living around the main train station.

They distributed leaflets in which the "North African strab children who roam … the punishment they deserve", threatened: "Enough is enough." As usual in the right-wing, anti-foreign and anti-government circles, it is argued that the state has failed. That would womoglich apply here, only three members of the mob were arrested, u.a. for violence against police officers.

Earlier, after the violence in Koln became known, calls by far-right groups to form Burgerwehren to hunt down the "Strabkinder" had been launched. The idea probably also came from the Finnish Nazi group Soldiers of Odin. The hooligan group Djurg̴rdens Fina Grabbar (DFG), joined by AIK РFirman Boys (FB), had also called for the plan to be put into action on Friday.

This was followed on Saturday morning by a demonstration organized by the right-wing Sweden Democrats, in which hooligans once again took part. A strong police force is said to have prevented participants in an anti-racist protest rally from being attacked from the demonstration.

A Somali 15-year-old, who may have been traumatized, attacked 22-year-old social worker Alexandra Mezher, who has a Lebanese migration background, in a home in Molndal near Goteborg on Monday and fatally injured her with a knife. The perpetrator was overpowered by the other youths and is now facing a murder charge.

Last year, more than 160.000 refugees arrived in Sweden. The Swedish government had just announced that it would be increasing up to 80.000 refugees as quickly as possible and to strengthen the police to this end. In the refugee shelters, according to police reports, violence is increasing, but attacks on them also increased, at least two dozen were destroyed by arson attacks in 2015, which may well involve the loss of human life. A special problem are the many minors who came to Sweden unaccompanied by adults. In 2015 alone, around 35.000 youth refugees.

Swedish women, however, began a Twitter campaign distancing themselves from the right-wing extremists allegedly protecting the women after the hooligans and right-wing demo: "I don’t want racists to "protect" me cause they have never done it and they think they own me #inteerkvinna".

The police also reacts to the call for violence by the right-wing extremists. In Stockholm, for example, a temporary special unit was set up to stop the violence emanating from Burgerwehren by patrolling the streets. The police still seem to be unclear whether the mob was just a single event or whether there is a trend toward radicalization of the right-wing scene. In addition, the police are trying to clear up the incidents in which young escapees were attacked. The picture of Koln is reversed, except that no one has come forward from the refugees. How Copenhagen Police Evaluate Surveillance Camera Videos.

The Swedish government wants to negotiate with Morocco. In exchange for money, young people who have no chance of asylum can be deported to the country. In Stockholm and Goteborg 800 young people from Morocco and other North African countries were found unaccompanied by adults. Minister of the Interior Anders Ygeman declared that Sweden is not prepared for young refugees who come alone. It is necessary to create and take care of shelters.

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