Enlightened bodo schiffmann, corona taskforce and glowing monkeys

clearer bodo schiffmann, corona taskforce and shining monkeys


YouTube and Co. – our weekly telepolis video review

Maybe this is good news: Dolly Parton has been vaccinated and shows it on TikTok. By the way, she didn’t go for it promimabely, but with her 75 years it was just her turn. In our country, on the other hand, it had to wait a good month, because here we are not so quick, everything has to be in order – even if it is a nasty game with death. We now have a task force to take care of the tests. And it is headed by the gross failures of the federal government, Jens "Vaccination disaster" Spahn and Andi "Toll hero" Scheuer. And this is not an April Fool’s joke, but was actually decided last Wednesday so. Beside a loosening strategy, which is a little complicated, but there is the Internet for that. One click on it is enough, and everything is clear. Thank you, Imre Grimm!

Before we elegantly change the subject, we have one more on the subject of vaccination. No, not the dogs and monkeys glowing in the night, which are possible by RNA injections according to a prominent vegan chef, but a statement by lateral thinker doctor Bodo Schiffmann. Unfortunately, this is not an April Fool’s joke either. And also the threatened return of the Messiah Trump on the 4th of April. March was just a bad joke.

"Electrocution true good!!!" – Hate postings as puppet theater

What will really return, however, is the Orion Space Patrol. The cult TV series from the 1960s is actually to be revived. Really good news. We don’t think Kevin will like them either. And he certainly doesn’t watch Kuppersbusch TV either. In the last episode, by the way, it’s right at the beginning about the AfD demanded mandatory vaccination for migrants. Apropos AfD: Adorno and the right-wing propaganda – heibt ein sehenswertes Video von Gert Scobel.

After so much political talk we now clear the really important question "What is the Internet?", then show how to properly bathe a ferret and how men suddenly disappear, and these finds are followed by reader tips: Cats look Tom Jerry, South Park, Star Wars gangsta rap, hate postings as puppet theater, very clever, The other day at the traffic light and drone flight in the submarine.

Finally, the fast forward: protective film against vaccinations, Mac sounds, murder in the consulate – Arte documentary part 1 and part 2, the fairy tale of Sanifair, prank 1895, the man of the future, the Ozzy Man, the Neubert experiment: Influencer, Walulis uber die Luca App, Fluffy Dog, ZDF defluencer Jan Bohmermann, short film "Sintel", The other day in China, Ievan Polkka X Daft Punk. And the closing word has Kida Khodr Ramadan.

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