Like dog and cat

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

Like dog and cat

Pac-man paranoia

Life is one big kicking mule. Also for dogs! Unless they can dance as wonderfully as this fellow, who currently dominates almost all video charts on the net. Cats are also very telegenic, as this cute cautious animal demonstrates. In the meantime there is the cat not only solo, but … ah, have a look for yourself!

Like dog and cat

Two Dogs On A Treadmill

Now let’s go poison pigeons in the park, sung by Tom Lehrer, who is also said to have composed the song. And there is another real teacher here. Now quickly the advertising: the spot of the week.

Like dog and cat

A hunter shoots a bear!

Now we’ll take a look at a Chinese playing card factory, then it’s off to early morning sports and afterwards we’ll play a little paddle. Must be sometimes. This action fits the time: "361° Respect – The YouTube Youth Contest against Exclusion. This action is an initiative of YouTube and the campaign ‘Laut gegen Nazis’ (Loud against Nazis) and is addressed to all young people. The patron of this year’s competition is the Federal Minister of Family Kristina Schroder. This channel is run by ‘Laut gegen Nazis’ (Loud against Nazis)."More about it and the channel can be found here.

Like dog and cat

A Mob of 20 Robbers Steal 2 ATMs

by the way, this is how you wash a Lowen. This is what it looks like when a cat goes on a virtual duck hunt. And that’s about 20 robbers at work.

Eating cigarettes – Tom Mullica

Is there really anything better than watching physics in front of the TV at 3.30 o’clock in the morning in front of the TV? Well, at the most our fast forward. It starts with a table and a magician. What follows is a bit of Bollywood, a so-called Rocket Jump, a wannabe Eminem at Apple, a frustrated hairdresser… And the final point is set by a human ashtray.

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