Regular theft at tsa

Employees of the U.S. Aviation Security Agency enriched themselves with money and valuables of passengers

Until recently, Nelson S. Passengers at Terminal 1 of Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida. The reason he has now been released is that he is accused of robbing travelers of electronic equipment worth a total of $50,000 while carrying out his work.000 dollars.

This came to light after a Continental Airlines employee observed him trying to hide a strange iPad in his pants. After the 30-year-old was arrested, he admitted to stealing numerous other notebooks, video cameras and other electronic devices from passenger baggage and selling them online, often during working hours, over the past six months. As a result, Broward County police, who are on standby for the case, said victims shouldn’t get their hopes up too high about getting their devices back.

Nelson S. – Portrait photo for the criminal register.

S., who has worked at the airport security agency since 2009, is not the first TSA employee to be flagged for theft: according to the New York Press, the TSA has had to fire about 500 employees on theft charges since its founding in 2001 – including, for example, 37-year-old Paul Y., who worked at Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 1 for nine years and was arrested on June 23. June, was arrested after an Orange County pawnbroker tipped off the LAPD. Or 49-year-old Karla M., who on 18. June at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport with marked bills found in her backpack after an inspection.

Particularly ingenious went the 30-year-old Davon W. and 44-year-old Persad C. which was found on 16. February at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport arrested: C., who screened Gepack, informed W., if he recognized cash in a screened bag or suitcase. W. marked the object with tape so that it could be easily found in the luggage storage area and opened at leisure. In this way, a total of 160 million euros worth of damage was caused.000 dollars. 40.000 of them were recovered by the police.

The main criticism of the TSA, however, continues to be its sometimes degrading treatment of passengers. The Libertarian Party in Florida therefore sent a letter to all 67 sheriff’s offices in the U.S. state, urging local police officers to arrest TSA employees because they were not only violating Florida and U.S. interdictions, but were also guilty of prohibited sexual battery.

That there are people who actually feel this way about intensive pat-downs is currently demonstrated by the case of 61-year-old Yukari M. from Colorado. When the Japanese translator told an airport security agent at Sky Harbor International Airport who was about to put her through a body scanner that she would hold the TSA agent personally accountable if she ever developed breast cancer, the agent suggested she get a pat-down, and her mom said she would. printed the left breast and said "Oh, like this?"

After the old lady was arrested and briefly imprisoned for alleged sexual abuse, a group quickly formed on Facebook to collect donations for the expected trial. Perhaps not least because such a trial had focused national media attention even more than before on the practices of the TSA, the accusation has now been dropped. M. now faces only misdemeanor proceedings.

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