Singing chickens, talking dogs and pitiful men

Singing chickens, talking dogs and pitiful manners

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

Here we are again, and there is no better way to start the weekend than with this song. Not much happened in the last 14 days, but at least Bibi had her baby in the meantime. What probably nobody is interested in here, me neither. Lucky have also had these contemporaries. In contrast to these pitiful people. And on Sunday, as we all know, there are elections in Bavaria, after which the West will probably finally come to an end, and we will open a barrel.

Speaking of CSU. Dear male target group, do you know the WDS, the Wanker Defense System?. A significant innovation, which is briefly presented here. And which will make life in front of the computer a lot easier. It prevents the most embarrassing moments, and there are plenty of them, as you can see in this video. Embarrassing are often also public displays, which are commented here hubsch.

Singing chickens, talking dogs and pitiful manners

There are things that don’t exist – for example, this crazy pilot who goes on a breakneck crash course. Or, a bit more harmless, a rabbit that frees a cat. And these glasses-invention, that has at least something. The only thing missing is a talking dog like in this YouTube classic.

Singing chickens, talking dogs and unfortunate men

Now quickly to Walter Frosch and the folk music singer Klaas at the Cannstatter Wasen, and so it’s time for the readers’ mail. Recommended are: the Android Home Device, explosions, love of animals, fireworks, wrong choice and low flyers.

Finally, a quick run-through: crazy signs, Walulis via Spotify, the Slow Mo Guys, Loriot’s parody of the news, Young Father, Chilli Eating Competition, scaring rabbits, Dresden Safari, the longest man in the world, the new iPhone, Elephant Fubball, Honky Potter, cockroaches and the nuclear war. And the final point is a Trump joke.

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