“The world is surrounded by nuclear weapons”

Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Reject France’s Planned Preventive Use of Nuclear Weapons

"The world is surrounded by nuclear weapons like explosive belts strapping suicide bombers," declared Belgian Pol D’Huyvetter at a meeting of the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (PNND). The only difference is that most citizens did not know that nuclear weapons were stored in their backyard. Once they knew, people were naturally against the deployment of nuclear weapons.

D’Huyvetter represents the Hiroshima Peace Foundation, the Mayor of Hiroshima and the Association of Mayors for Peace, which is represented in 129 countries in 2226 member cities. The meeting took place at the time of the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Berlin. More than 350 parliamentarians from over 40 countries, including NATO’s 26 member states, 16 associated countries and observer states, attended the meeting. The 18-member German delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly includes 12 members of the Bundestag and six members of the Bundesrat.

The critical parliamentarians, together with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, have invited Martin Butcher of the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy, Pol D’Huyvetter of the "Burgermeister fur den Frieden" campaign, and Dr. Hans M. Kristensen invited by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). Kristensen had recently discovered a missile base in China on satellite images from Google Earth. There are nearly 60 launch pads in the pictures, the expert says. In addition, a base for nuclear submarines was built. Self-deprecatingly, he characterized himself as an expert who dug out very special documents from this shadowy world, so that not only the small initiated crowd would know about them.

"NATO and the Future Role of Nuclear Weapons," was the title of the joint event organized by PNND and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Each of the participants received an information folder – containing the current ie of PNND information. An article informs about so-called nuclear divestment. The Norwegian Ministry of Finance excluded seven companies from state pension funds because they are involved in the production of nuclear weapons or supplied components of nuclear weapons. The exclusion is based on the advice of the Ethics Board of the Fund. Among the banned companies are EADS Co., EADS Finance B.V., Finmeccanica Sp.A. and BAE Systems Plc, Boeing Co. DaimlerChrysler is a major shareholder in EADS. Until the sale to Thyssen Krupp and EADS in 2005, the German Atlas Elektronik still belonged to BAE.

Uta Zapf, chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee’s Disarmament and Arms Control Subcommittee, emphasized when asked by Telepolis: "The article on "devestment" in the PNND brochure is in no way related to the topic of my event, which was exclusively about NATO strategy and the role of nuclear weapons."

At the same event, Uta Zapf spoke out against the preventive use of nuclear weapons, as advocated by the French President. French MP Michelle Demessne had pointed out during the event that currently the French defense doctrine is being revised. This includes the French president’s declaration that nuclear strikes are also possible in response to terrorist threats.

"Such a deployment, as President Jacques Chirac had already considered, is contrary to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and must be categorically rejected," said Defense Committee member Zapf. Such a deployment was covered by the so-called CONCEPT PLAN (CONPLAN) 8022 in the USA, which was aimed at new threats from Iran, North Korea, but also from potential terrorists, Kristensen had found out (Iran, Syria and North Korea targeted by US nuclear missiles?).

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