Nigeria: jihadists massacre rice farmers and seasonal workers

Nigeria: jihadists massacre rice farmers and seasonal workers

Rice harvest in Nigeria. Iconic image: Chukwukajustice. License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Death toll rises from 43 to 110

According to the latest figures from UN coordinator Edward Kallon, not just 43 but at least 110 people were killed in a massacre in Nigeria on Saturday. The crime scenes were rice fields near Koschobe in Borno state, and the victims were mainly rice farmers and migrant workers who had come to Borno from Sokoto state to harvest rice.


Muslims are afraid of the usa

The U.S. government has seen its reputation plummet with the Iraq war, according to an international poll, but the United Nations has also suffered a massive loss of trust

It is possible that the distance from the Iraq war and the fact that negotiations on the "road map", which are to lead to a Palestinian state, are changing the attitude of the Arab people. While the U.S. government pays no attention to the genocide in the Congo and does not want to participate in peacemaking military measures, it is sharpening its tone toward Iran. It is possible that the hawks in the U.S. government are pushing for a renewed military campaign, especially since it is repeatedly emphasized that the war against international (Muslim) terrorism is far from over. In any case, according to a survey by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, people in the Arab world are afraid of a military attack by the superpower.

How governments behave when they want to secure their power and do not want to take unnecessary risks is a matter of realpolitik. At present most of the Arab states are bowing to the prere of the USA. This is not necessarily because the burghers want it to happen. Finally, there are no democratic states in the region. The governments themselves are usually afraid of the Muslim extremists and, in order to maintain their power and avoid a democratic rebellion, agree to the demands of the United States, at least on the surface.


Enlightened bodo schiffmann, corona taskforce and glowing monkeys

clearer bodo schiffmann, corona taskforce and shining monkeys


YouTube and Co. – our weekly telepolis video review

Maybe this is good news: Dolly Parton has been vaccinated and shows it on TikTok. By the way, she didn’t go for it promimabely, but with her 75 years it was just her turn. In our country, on the other hand, it had to wait a good month, because here we are not so quick, everything has to be in order – even if it is a nasty game with death. We now have a task force to take care of the tests. And it is headed by the gross failures of the federal government, Jens "Vaccination disaster" Spahn and Andi "Toll hero" Scheuer. And this is not an April Fool’s joke, but was actually decided last Wednesday so. Beside a loosening strategy, which is a little complicated, but there is the Internet for that. One click on it is enough, and everything is clear. Thank you, Imre Grimm!


Singing chickens, talking dogs and pitiful men

Singing chickens, talking dogs and pitiful manners

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

Here we are again, and there is no better way to start the weekend than with this song. Not much happened in the last 14 days, but at least Bibi had her baby in the meantime. What probably nobody is interested in here, me neither. Lucky have also had these contemporaries. In contrast to these pitiful people. And on Sunday, as we all know, there are elections in Bavaria, after which the West will probably finally come to an end, and we will open a barrel.

Speaking of CSU. Dear male target group, do you know the WDS, the Wanker Defense System?. A significant innovation, which is briefly presented here. And which will make life in front of the computer a lot easier. It prevents the most embarrassing moments, and there are plenty of them, as you can see in this video. Embarrassing are often also public displays, which are commented here hubsch.


Better life without police?

Better live without police?

Image: Henning Schlottmann / CC BY-SA-4.0

Also in Germany is considered alternatives to police and prison. Often, however, it is forgotten to talk about the dumb forced constraints in capitalism

It’s been a few weeks that thousands of police violence also went to the strain in Germany. The protests were drawn from the death of George Floyd in the US. At that time, some activists explained that they also protested against police violence in Germany, though conservative politicians and police workers criticized unison, a debate from the USA was transferred without reason to Germany.


Verena becker: target investigators shadowed her in singen

BND is said to have been involved

The exchange of gunfire between RAF terrorists Verena Becker and Gunter Sonnenberg with the Singen police on 3. May 1977 still makes waves more than 30 years later. According to the author’s information from intelligence circles, the actual events at that time differed considerably from the officially disseminated version. According to the report, the German foreign intelligence service BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) was involved in the operation. Becker and Sonnenberg were under surveillance all the time.

Often, a person’s conscience can apparently weigh more heavily on him than the less rosy prospect of punishment under Section 353 b of the German Criminal Code. The law clearly states what can be expected of those who divulge official secrets: High fines or even imprisonment. This also applies to officials. They can be prosecuted even after they retire – by losing pension rights. This makes it all the more astonishing that (a few) former members of high security circles nevertheless reveal – in carefully measured doses – details from the time of terror in Germany. This was also the case in the momentous encounter between Verena Becker, Gunter Sonnenberg and the police in Singen on Lake Constance.


Cycling causes problems for politicians

In Dresden, the mayor of the city of Dresden is constantly breaking rules on a tour of the city, and in England, the parliamentary leader of the Tories has to resign because he would not accept a ban on bicycles passing through the city

The CDU politician Jorn Marx has been the mayor of Dresden since 2008 and is not entirely uncontroversial in this office. Last week he organized a bike tour through his city with Dresden’s cycling commissioner Nora Ludwig, his personal assistant Hanka Bohm and some other staff members. On this one, he wanted to examine projects, get first-hand impressions – and do some political advertising for himself. To this end, he had invited the local press to accompany the convoy.

She then reported not only on the projects visited, but also on numerous traffic violations committed by the department head and his companions – including ignoring directional arrows, red lights and obligations to drive on a certain side of the road and in a certain lane.


China is the world’s leading it exporter

China’s economic growth, which again this year was only just below ten percent, is keeping the world on its toes

China’s hunger for raw materials and food is driving producer prices to unprecedented heights, offering new hope for many a developing country. Meanwhile, between Frankfurt and Seattle, the prospect of a market of 1.3 billion people who could have the purchasing power of today’s Poles in perhaps a decade’s time has many an executive’s dollar sign flashing in his eyes. In a few years, Chinese consumers will be able to jump-start the chronically sluggish economy of the euro zone?

By 2010, for example, China will need 500 passenger aircraft in addition to the 70 Boeing 737s and 150 Airbus A320s for which contracts were recently signed, Commerce Minister Bo Xilai said Monday. And this will not be the end of the line. But while China’s 800 million villagers will certainly still be living in extremely modest conditions ten years from now, Goldman Sachs expects China to be the world’s largest importer of luxury goods by then.


“The world is surrounded by nuclear weapons”

Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Reject France’s Planned Preventive Use of Nuclear Weapons

"The world is surrounded by nuclear weapons like explosive belts strapping suicide bombers," declared Belgian Pol D’Huyvetter at a meeting of the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (PNND). The only difference is that most citizens did not know that nuclear weapons were stored in their backyard. Once they knew, people were naturally against the deployment of nuclear weapons.

D’Huyvetter represents the Hiroshima Peace Foundation, the Mayor of Hiroshima and the Association of Mayors for Peace, which is represented in 129 countries in 2226 member cities. The meeting took place at the time of the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Berlin. More than 350 parliamentarians from over 40 countries, including NATO’s 26 member states, 16 associated countries and observer states, attended the meeting. The 18-member German delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly includes 12 members of the Bundestag and six members of the Bundesrat.


Like dog and cat

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

Like dog and cat

Pac-man paranoia

Life is one big kicking mule. Also for dogs! Unless they can dance as wonderfully as this fellow, who currently dominates almost all video charts on the net. Cats are also very telegenic, as this cute cautious animal demonstrates. In the meantime there is the cat not only solo, but … ah, have a look for yourself!