Imprisonment for making a phone call while driving

Because cars are dangerous weapons, penalties for dangerous driving in Great Britain are to be "dangerous driving" can be aggravated – even up to life imprisonment for manslaughter

How violence against people is judged and sanctioned depends very much on the circumstances. Anyone who injures or kills a person with a knife or other weapon is generally punished much more severely than if they do the same behind the wheel of a vehicle. Vehicles can be seen as dangerous weapons, or at least they become dangerous weapons when they risk or even unconsciously provoke accidents through appropriate driving behavior.

Most drivers were allowed to ame that nothing would happen to them and that they would master all dangers, even if they roared onto the road with their heavy projectiles. Probably the impression of sitting in a locked vehicle as an extension of one’s own body is the cause of this misunderstanding. Driving a car, especially at high speed, is no less risky than running around in a crowd with an open knife.


The germans fall into depression

According to the DAK health report, the level of illness is falling, while anxiety and depression should be, especially among the young "dramatically" increase

There is no mood in Germany. The national jerks are only a weak tremor. Instead of setting out, everyone just wants to secure or expand their holdings. Against the bad mood helps no Holzen against the respective political or social opponent, since everything comes only back and the situation seems to be lost. No one believes that the government or the change of government can go up. And indeed, this sentiment is reflected in individuals as well. People are more afraid for their jobs and hardly ever get sick, at least according to the employee health insurance company DAK, while at the same time mental problems are increasing "dramatic" increase.

The BBC is already talking about the new German "Rough depression" and thus alludes to the recently published results of the DAK Health Report 2005. According to this, the people in Germany are really in the grip of anxiety.


Upwind power plants as environmentally friendly electricity generators

A landmark for the Expo?

Expo 2000 in Hanover is getting closer and closer. You can find out exactly how many days are left on the official homepage every day. The hope of an entire region hangs on this event. The city of Hanover and the surrounding area are to be in the public eye for at least three months, demonstrating how far progress has come.

If you want to live up to such expectations, you have to make do and not spill the beans. Started a few years ago with high goals, Expo GmbH is now suffering one setback after another. Financing is on shaky ground and several planned projects are failing due to lack of money. Even the theme park, in which among other things the energy supply of the future is to be presented, is affected by this.


Gas discoveries in the eastern mediterranean – the “third corridor”?

Gas discoveries off Cyprus and in the Aegean Sea and the strained Turkish-Greek relations

Maritime borders are a complicated matter. Especially for the riparians of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. For a long time, Greece refrained from establishing an exclusive economic zone (200-mile zone) and thus from extending its maritime borders over the entire Aegean Sea. The EU state of Cyprus also refrained from such a step for a long time. For both states it was clear that shifting their own borders close to the Turkic coast could only provoke their neighbors.

However, gas discoveries off Cyprus and suspected gas deposits in the Aegean Sea, combined with the strained financial situation of the two states, are now giving new fuel to a long unsolved border dispute. Because, as it seems, in this part of the Mediterranean Sea could be stored considerable deposits of raw materials.