Israel has allegedly “practically” destroyed the entire iranian military infrastructure in syria

Syrian air defense claims to have shot down some of the Israeli missiles. Image: Sana

20 rockets had been fired from Syria in the direction of the Golan Heights, for Israel the Quds Brigades are responsible, Iran denies this

In response to the bombing of the military base south of Damascus at al-Kiswah on 8. May, Israeli positions on the Golan Heights were attacked with 20 rockets from Syria during the night from Wednesday to Thursday.


The conquest of istanbul

The conquest of istanbul

All images: Kinostar

"Death to the Turks!" – the turkish blockbuster "Fetih 1453" offers anti-propaganda as propaganda. Western viewers should see

It has been a long time since a costume film has been such a mask of the present: The conquest of Constantinople – in the Occident it is more common to talk of the " Fall of Constantinople" the speech – by Ottoman troops lies admittedly already quite a while, exactly 559 years, zuruck. But actually it is not about exact representations of historical events, but Faruk Aksoy’s so juicy as reactionary costume ham beats the current domestic political battles. And thus becomes a reflection of the cultural upheavals of contemporary Turkic society.


Turkey: murder on behalf of the state

turkey: murder on behalf of the state

Image Bayraktar TB2: Bayhaluk / CC BY-SA-4.0

Using drones against civilians; more attacks in northern Iraq. German weapons in Libya

In the war against the Kurdish population in Turkey, northern Syria and northern Iraq, Turkey is increasingly using combat drones. With the argument of acting against the Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK, it tries to legitimize its attacks in neighboring countries, which violate international law. In fact, however, it hits the civilian population: especially women and children.


Regular theft at tsa

Employees of the U.S. Aviation Security Agency enriched themselves with money and valuables of passengers

Until recently, Nelson S. Passengers at Terminal 1 of Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida. The reason he has now been released is that he is accused of robbing travelers of electronic equipment worth a total of $50,000 while carrying out his work.000 dollars.

This came to light after a Continental Airlines employee observed him trying to hide a strange iPad in his pants. After the 30-year-old was arrested, he admitted to stealing numerous other notebooks, video cameras and other electronic devices from passenger baggage and selling them online, often during working hours, over the past six months. As a result, Broward County police, who are on standby for the case, said victims shouldn’t get their hopes up too high about getting their devices back.


Digital rights management

Technical enablers to control the Internet. Part VI: End of the Internet?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the current buzzword for the technical implementation of the "intellectual property rights" (i.e. intellectual property rights) in digital media. DRM will implement several categories of exploitation rights, some of which have no direct analogy to the traditional publishing processes.

Microsoft also warned today that the era of "open computing," the free exchange of digital information that has defined the personal computer industry, is ending.


A life on the titanic

A life on the titanic

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

We too have totally underestimated it. Yes, for a bad clown and comical president actor held. But now this psychopath has actually done it: he will go down in history as the first political leader to send out a war declaration via Twitter. Congratulations, Mister President. And please don’t forget to pull when tweeting on the toilet in the morning! The policy of this warmonger has its supporters in our country as well. First and foremost march the cold and perhaps most hebe warriors of the Springer press, who wet dream of a world war with damn German participation. Not only for them this appearance of Stephen Colbert is meant. And what else remains, reveals this clever Krahe.

A life on the titanic

And so to the campaigner Mark Zuckerberg. As we can see from this analytical report, this oh-so-casual guy, who looks quite strange in a suit, is in fact not a person at all. Madness! And here we wonder if the USA is also ruled by a reptiloid? There are enough signs of it. And this is what Jimmy Kimmel has to say about the Facebook mishap. And this is how it looks in Russia in the meantime.


From one “never negotiable state reason”

From a'niemals verhandelbaren staatsrason'

An interstate anomaly and a little back and forth that accompanies it. German Anti-Antisemitism (Part 2 and conclusion)

The first text of this two-part series addressed German pride in the culture of remembrance and its political-moral use value, which does not diminish. So he also wants to underline his higher justification by the fact that the "historical responsibility" lives on in politicians and burghers who, through their "late birth" clearly separated from the events of remembering.

"No empty words"

This is precisely the reason for our unbreakable bond with the State of Israel: "Germany’s special responsibility for the Jewish state is part of the state reason of my country. This means that the security of Israel is never negotiable for me as German Chancellor.


Climate agreement lacks 22 countries and 54 percent of emissions

22 countries and 54 percent of emissions missing for climate agreement

Scientists drilling corals on Rowley Shoals, a group of three atoll-like coral reefs jutting out of the water off Australia’s northwest coast. Photo credit: Eric Watson, AIMS (Australia)

The Energy and Climate Newsreel: From the dialogue between coal opponents and supporters, the chances of the climate agreement coming into force before the end of 2016, and imponderables in the climate system

This year’s climate camp in Lutzerath, Rhineland, came to an end on Monday. On Saturday, activists also protested on the grounds of the Garzweiler open pit mine and chained themselves to demand bands. 23 people – including a journalist – were temporarily arrested, they are now being investigated for trespassing.


“Push him over, the dog of democrats!”

Historical picture to the Marzrevolution 1848 (painted around 1848-1850)?): Cheering revolutionaries after barricade fights in the Breite Strabe in Berlin – with different black-red-gold flags, depending on the monarchist-constitutional or republican orientation. Image: public domain

With a bloody massacre, the Prussian state responded in May 1849 to the "Iserlohn Revolution" – An example to the memory of history

Over a hundred people were killed on 17. May 1849 murdered in Iserlohn by the soldiery of the Prussian state. The victims of the revolution of 1848/49 and the pioneers of the democratic idea do not play a major role in the historical memory until today. The example of Iserlohn is a good illustration of how the murderous state power was even able to instill a collective sense of guilt in its victims.


The situation of the trade unions

The ailing DGB celebrates its 50th anniversary. Anniversary and hopes for the future of solidarity

"Turbulent times" The DGB proclaims that it was the 50th. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its founding, which took place on. October 1949 in Munich. The "The future of solidarity" is what the DGB wants to see in the "Elbow Society" The future of the trade unions in Germany and elsewhere looks bleak, however, because membership is declining everywhere in the wake of globalization and the implementation of the new economy. Unions are having a particularly hard time in the new IT technology sectors.

The situation of the unions

The situation is even more dramatic in the U.S., which is why the largest American union, the AFL-CIO, is holding a meeting to discuss how to proceed in the future. A program has already been decided to network members through favorable offers and their own portals, which it is hoped will not only lead to better organization, but also make employees in the IT industry more likely to leave the union.