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Interview with psychologist and BPjM consultant Tobias Rothmund about the connection between violent computer games, aggressive behavior and the sense and nonsense of bans

Many an upcoming action highlight is already reserving a place on the BPjM’s index list. Most recently, the summer hit of 2010, Crackdown 2, has been reserved for the BPjM. A similar case will soon be made with the Gears of War series, whose two parts have now sold more than ten million copies internationally. As with part one, the USK refused to give the blockbuster "Gears of War 2" At the end of 2008 the labeling "from 18 years" – which again led to the indexing (announcement Federal Gazette No. 175 from 18.11.2008). The same threatens the third part, announced for April 2011, in which soldier Marcus Fenix finally puts an end to the Locust aliens. The reason for this are scenes of violence in which opponents are executed or cut up with a chain-saw bayonet – an action element that entertains gamers and shocks non-gamers.


Blood or sobe?

Mary Harron spoke with "American Psycho" made from a book about the 80s a movie in the 80s and about much more

Between the movie title, red drips through the opening sequence. Whose blood it may be? Choices can be made by those who read Bret Easton Ellis’ novel "American Psycho" has read. In it, Wall Street executive Patrick Bateman murders and tortures his way through early ’80s New York City. A 27-year-old yuppie who lives in the same penthouse as Tom Cruise, has Cerruti suits in his closet, the latest Phil Collins CDs next to his stereo and the cut-off heads of his victims in his refrigerator. But the film blood belongs to none of them. What flies through the picture is red berry sauce for a buffet of the finest nouvelle cuisine.

Director Mary Harron sets her adaptation apart from Ellis’s work with a convincing balance of aestheticized horror and irony. Published in 1991, it was perhaps the most widely received and controversial book of the 1990s in the U.S. For pages, Ellis describes how Bateman carefully combines his clothes to suit yuppie tastes: Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodman, Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss, Joseph Abbound. We also learn in detail what Bateman uses to torture: from axe to lighter, drill, nail gun to his bare hands, with which he rubs the belly of a prostitute.


“There is no future here, only the past”

There are still some 664,000 Palestinians living in refugee camps. A reportage

Life in the 27 refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is bleak: Built on land leased from neighboring communities and private individuals, mulling, electricity, gas and water supplies function poorly and often not at all. Since the Israeli army has repeatedly hermetically sealed off the Palestinian territories, there is also a lack of jobs and thus of money. In this way, militant groups such as Hamas find their base here – and thus make the camps the target of Israeli air strikes time and again. The only relief is provided by the United Nations, whose relief organization UNRWA has been supplying the refugees with schools and hospitals since 1948 and has thus become an economic factor in its own right.

They sit and kill time, day in and day out, drinking tea, talking, discussing, not admitting to themselves or to each other that once again this month the money will not be enough for the children’s clothes or the wife’s medical treatment. Tel Aviv and its modern office towers are hardly more than an hour’s drive away. But it has been a long time since the men last saw them.


Upwind power plants as environmentally friendly electricity generators

A landmark for the Expo?

Expo 2000 in Hanover is getting closer and closer. You can find out exactly how many days are left on the official homepage every day. The hope of an entire region hangs on this event. The city of Hanover and the surrounding area are to be in the public eye for at least three months, demonstrating how far progress has come.

If you want to live up to such expectations, you have to make do and not spill the beans. Started a few years ago with high goals, Expo GmbH is now suffering one setback after another. Financing is on shaky ground and several planned projects are failing due to lack of money. Even the theme park, in which among other things the energy supply of the future is to be presented, is affected by this.