Better life without police?

Better live without police?

Image: Henning Schlottmann / CC BY-SA-4.0

Also in Germany is considered alternatives to police and prison. Often, however, it is forgotten to talk about the dumb forced constraints in capitalism

It’s been a few weeks that thousands of police violence also went to the strain in Germany. The protests were drawn from the death of George Floyd in the US. At that time, some activists explained that they also protested against police violence in Germany, though conservative politicians and police workers criticized unison, a debate from the USA was transferred without reason to Germany.


In the control of the security state?

Under the control of the security state?

Covid-19 control in China. Image: Pau Colominas / CC BY-SA 4.0

comment. Not only the Leipzig Book Fair, also warning strikes are canceled in the sign of the Corona virus. Critical voices several

Soothing sounded by no means, which Health Minister Jens Spahn explained today in a government clarification for coronavirus spread. There was a new situation that the disease had reached Germany and the worst was not excited. If the minister of the population then ared, there was no reason to worry, it then seems more than obligatory notice.


Scenes of a marriage of convenience

First attempts at rapprochement between SPD and FDP make waves

FDP deputy chairman Rainer Bruderle made headlines after he called on the SPD to change coalition in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine: "The grand coalition can’t do it, we need another constellation. Therefore, we must now sound out what works", said Westerwelle’s confidant. This volte-face is surprising for several reasons. The FDP has thus made it clear that it is considering government constellations that it had categorically ruled out a year ago

As a reminder: After the early Bundestag elections, the term "traffic light coalition" was bandied about in the media for a short time. This meant a coalition of SPD, FDP and the Greens. It was the SPD, which for a few days gave itself up to the hope that it could continue to be chancellor. It was the FDP that quickly made it clear that this alliance could not be achieved with it.


Genetic testing for a long life

Genetic test for a long life

Genetic profiles for four of the study participants. Depending on which set of gene segments is considered, the (calculated) probability that a person belongs to the group of 100-year-olds changes. This is easy to understand: a gene variant that is more widespread among people who have grown very old than in the control group is better suited as a marker for a potentially long age. (Graphic: Boston University School of Public Health)

Researchers filter the three billion or so base pairs in humans to find out which gene segments are characteristic of a potentially long life

If you want to grow old, you should drive carefully, stop smoking and eat healthily – but no health nut can guarantee that a person will celebrate his or her hundredth birthday in a reasonably fit condition. This is due to the fact that old age is not only a question of personal lifestyle, but also depends on genetic predisposition.


“It is about more than the smoking ban”

Interview with innkeeper Birgit Netzle-Piechotka about her interception lawsuit, a controversial study, legal ways out and experiences abroad

Since 1. Since January 2008, health laws protecting non-smokers in restaurants and beer tents have been in force in a total of eleven German states. Affected landlords fear massive turnover robberies, exploit loopholes in the laws and organize resistance in numerous popular initiatives. Now the law has also been challenged

Munich restaurateur Birgit Netzle-Piechotka invokes the right to free choice of occupation and violations of the principle of restraint in her appeal. The landlady of the "Asam castle" has been a non-smoker for 27 years. In your restaurant 80 percent of the seats are reserved for non-smokers.


Longer life on two wheels

Longer life on two wheels

"Free ride for free burgers" in germany so far only for car drivers "only for car drivers". The ADFC wants to change that. Foto: Renate Granade auf Pixabay / Public Domain

Zero traffic fatalities as a goal: The General German Bicycle Club wants to get involved in the Bundestag election campaign. In the Corona crisis, cycling booms

The bicycle boom in this country would probably have been even worse if there were already a seamless network of cycle paths, as the German Bicycle Club (GDB) had called it. V. (ADFC) called for in an action plan presented Tuesday. For the fact that cyclists on many routes still have to get along with a threatening avalanche of cars in the back, this means of transportation is already amazingly popular.


Pipeline for the people?

Balance sheet of the oil project Chad / Cameroon

The Erdol pipeline between Chad and Cameroon was considered a model project of the World Bank. It should prove that with the revenues from raw materials also in autocratically governed landscaping poverty fighting is possible. Now the World Bank moved from the project.

Pipeline for the people?

Map: Chad / Cameroon Development Project


Forest dieback and air pollution

China and India are becoming a problem for the fragile attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Agreement

The German forest is still dying. In the meantime it looked once superficially better, the into the international vocabulary entered "Forest dieback" seemed to some even to be a reminiscence of hysterical environmentalists. At the same time, the success of decisive political action to curb pollution from power plants and vehicles could be celebrated.

But after the newest forest condition report can be spoken no more from all-clear. The proportion of healthy trees has fallen to 28 percent. More than 40 percent of the trees have slight damage, one third is seriously ill. Especially the deciduous trees are affected now. The hot and dry summer of 2003 (drought stress and elevated ozone levels), together with existing soil acidification and air pollutants, accelerated the process. The increase in car traffic is eating up the emissions achieved by catalytic converters "Profits", and while sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions have been reduced, nitrogen is now increasingly attacking deciduous trees in particular. And it comes primarily from agriculture, where it is used in the form of manure and animal feed for quick benefits and long-term damage.


The germans fall into depression

According to the DAK health report, the level of illness is falling, while anxiety and depression should be, especially among the young "dramatically" increase

There is no mood in Germany. The national jerks are only a weak tremor. Instead of setting out, everyone just wants to secure or expand their holdings. Against the bad mood helps no Holzen against the respective political or social opponent, since everything comes only back and the situation seems to be lost. No one believes that the government or the change of government can go up. And indeed, this sentiment is reflected in individuals as well. People are more afraid for their jobs and hardly ever get sick, at least according to the employee health insurance company DAK, while at the same time mental problems are increasing "dramatic" increase.

The BBC is already talking about the new German "Rough depression" and thus alludes to the recently published results of the DAK Health Report 2005. According to this, the people in Germany are really in the grip of anxiety.