Nigeria: jihadists massacre rice farmers and seasonal workers

Nigeria: jihadists massacre rice farmers and seasonal workers

Rice harvest in Nigeria. Iconic image: Chukwukajustice. License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Death toll rises from 43 to 110

According to the latest figures from UN coordinator Edward Kallon, not just 43 but at least 110 people were killed in a massacre in Nigeria on Saturday. The crime scenes were rice fields near Koschobe in Borno state, and the victims were mainly rice farmers and migrant workers who had come to Borno from Sokoto state to harvest rice.


Cycling causes problems for politicians

In Dresden, the mayor of the city of Dresden is constantly breaking rules on a tour of the city, and in England, the parliamentary leader of the Tories has to resign because he would not accept a ban on bicycles passing through the city

The CDU politician Jorn Marx has been the mayor of Dresden since 2008 and is not entirely uncontroversial in this office. Last week he organized a bike tour through his city with Dresden’s cycling commissioner Nora Ludwig, his personal assistant Hanka Bohm and some other staff members. On this one, he wanted to examine projects, get first-hand impressions – and do some political advertising for himself. To this end, he had invited the local press to accompany the convoy.

She then reported not only on the projects visited, but also on numerous traffic violations committed by the department head and his companions – including ignoring directional arrows, red lights and obligations to drive on a certain side of the road and in a certain lane.


The conquest of istanbul

The conquest of istanbul

All images: Kinostar

"Death to the Turks!" – the turkish blockbuster "Fetih 1453" offers anti-propaganda as propaganda. Western viewers should see

It has been a long time since a costume film has been such a mask of the present: The conquest of Constantinople – in the Occident it is more common to talk of the " Fall of Constantinople" the speech – by Ottoman troops lies admittedly already quite a while, exactly 559 years, zuruck. But actually it is not about exact representations of historical events, but Faruk Aksoy’s so juicy as reactionary costume ham beats the current domestic political battles. And thus becomes a reflection of the cultural upheavals of contemporary Turkic society.


Turkey: murder on behalf of the state

turkey: murder on behalf of the state

Image Bayraktar TB2: Bayhaluk / CC BY-SA-4.0

Using drones against civilians; more attacks in northern Iraq. German weapons in Libya

In the war against the Kurdish population in Turkey, northern Syria and northern Iraq, Turkey is increasingly using combat drones. With the argument of acting against the Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK, it tries to legitimize its attacks in neighboring countries, which violate international law. In fact, however, it hits the civilian population: especially women and children.


A life on the titanic

A life on the titanic

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

We too have totally underestimated it. Yes, for a bad clown and comical president actor held. But now this psychopath has actually done it: he will go down in history as the first political leader to send out a war declaration via Twitter. Congratulations, Mister President. And please don’t forget to pull when tweeting on the toilet in the morning! The policy of this warmonger has its supporters in our country as well. First and foremost march the cold and perhaps most hebe warriors of the Springer press, who wet dream of a world war with damn German participation. Not only for them this appearance of Stephen Colbert is meant. And what else remains, reveals this clever Krahe.

A life on the titanic

And so to the campaigner Mark Zuckerberg. As we can see from this analytical report, this oh-so-casual guy, who looks quite strange in a suit, is in fact not a person at all. Madness! And here we wonder if the USA is also ruled by a reptiloid? There are enough signs of it. And this is what Jimmy Kimmel has to say about the Facebook mishap. And this is how it looks in Russia in the meantime.


From one “never negotiable state reason”

From a'niemals verhandelbaren staatsrason'

An interstate anomaly and a little back and forth that accompanies it. German Anti-Antisemitism (Part 2 and conclusion)

The first text of this two-part series addressed German pride in the culture of remembrance and its political-moral use value, which does not diminish. So he also wants to underline his higher justification by the fact that the "historical responsibility" lives on in politicians and burghers who, through their "late birth" clearly separated from the events of remembering.

"No empty words"

This is precisely the reason for our unbreakable bond with the State of Israel: "Germany’s special responsibility for the Jewish state is part of the state reason of my country. This means that the security of Israel is never negotiable for me as German Chancellor.


Must maaben take his slouch hat?

Must maaben take his floppy hat?

Must BfV-president Maaben leave? Image: BfV

Springer newspaper "Die Welt" reports on upcoming removal of the president of the domestic intelligence service

According to a report in the daily "The world" Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has decided to remove the president of the domestic intelligence agency, Hans-Georg Maaben. The Springer sheet refers to so far unconfirmed information from coalition circles. Merkel believes that the controversial head of the domestic intelligence agency has interfered too much in federal political debates. He is therefore no longer tenable as head of the agency.


The power lesson

The personal election in North-Rhine/Westphalia makes clear that the SPD has to get rid of the Schroder-ara troika for the federal election as soon as possible

The SPD’s major gains are due in large part to its top candidate, Hannelore Kraft. This should give the social democrats something to think about. Although Kraft is already being discussed in the media as a possible candidate for chancellor, this could be ruled out, at least for 2013, if she does not want to damage herself as a trustworthy politician. After all, she had ared the voters that she would stay in NRW, unlike the fickle Norbert Rottgen, who was only interested in his career.

That the election in NRW – apart from probably the successful Pirates and the punished Leftists – was less about ies than about people is made clear by poll results from the Tagesschau news program. In a direct election, only 26 percent had voted for Rottgen, but 68 percent had voted for Kraft. 69 percent say that the FDP’s success is due to Christian Lindner, who leads a party that no longer has any competence. Just 4 percent attribute competence to the Liberals in the economy, debt reduction or education. This may show that many of the CDU supporters who were disaffected voted for the FDP because they thought Lindner was somehow better than Rottgen and saw no other conservative alternative for themselves.


Laser weapon against long-range missiles

A smaller version of the Bush administration’s planned missile shield is under development: aircraft equipped with laser weapons

The Bush administration’s planned National Missile Defense (NMD) shield, which will launch anti-missile missiles not only on land, as planned during the Clinton administration, but also at sea and in space, will cause a cost explosion. Originally estimated at $60 billion, the option favored by Bush so far could easily cost hundreds of billions of dollars. And so far, the three tests conducted so far had failed.

They were carried out in optimal conditions, not in bad weather conditions or even in realistic combat situations. After all, it’s not just about spotting the launch of an enemy long-range missile and calculating its trajectory so that shortly after launching it, you can take it out with pinpoint accuracy using your own bullet. Relatively easily love to distribute many dummies from the enemy, which could swap or confuse target detection. In addition, opponents could use long-range missiles to trigger nuclear explosions at a high level, the radiation from which could destroy or impair the NMD system.


“Right sector” murders in the eastern ukrainian city of kharkov

Many police officers protecting the seat of the Kiev-appointed governor in Kharkov’s Freedom Square have their hearts set on the pro-Russian protesters. Image: U. Heyden

On Friday, two activists of the movement "Kharkov guardians" shot by right-wing radicals. Despite the fear of terrorist acts participated in Kharkov 3.000 people participate in referendum on federalization of Ukraine

The eastern Ukrainian cities of Kharkov and Donetsk become new centers of violent clashes. In Donetsk on Sunday demonstrated 10.000 people with "Russia, Russia"-shouting in the city center. Protesters stormed the prosecutor’s office and the office of oligarch Sergei Taruta, who was appointed by Kiev as the new governor.