In doubt for the accused

Even after the verdict on the murder of Hatice Surucu, the instrumentalization continues

On Wednesday, the sentence was pronounced in a trial that had long before caused a stir in the public discussion. The young German-Turkish Hatun Surucu had been found shot in February 2005 in Berlin near her apartment. The suspicion fell fast on the brother of the woman. They should have seen in the western way of life of her sister an honor injury for the whole family. According to this interpretation, the murder was a collectively planned act of punishment.

The Berlin Regional Court has now sentenced the youngest brother of the murdered woman, who was 18 years old at the time of the crime, to a juvenile sentence of nine years and three months. He had confessed to the crime and emphasized that he had planned and carried it out alone. The two older brothers were acquitted for lack of evidence.


Satellite on … And all questions unanswered

In Myanmar, many things are puzzling: among them, the role of the warlords in opium cultivation and forced relocations

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) released satellite imagery showing disappeared villages in Myanmar. What they don’t show is why these villages disappeared. While it’s relatively clear where the villages are on the satellite imagery – it’s less clear which areas which armed group is controlling at any given moment.

The organization compiled images from the OrbView, Ikonos and DigitalGlobe satellites, taken over a number of years from opposition groups, showing the destruction of villages, as part of the Science and Human Rights program.


Alliance with the left for the stability of the party system

alliance with the left for the stability of the party system


Liberal Democracy is Considered to Have No Alternatives Not Only at the Parliamentary Level, but also at the Upper-Parliamentary Level – A Commentary

It was only worth a small report that now in Bremen for the first time the Left Party also co-governs in a West German federal state. So far, only in North Rhine-Westphalia had it supported an SPD-led government in parliament. In Hesse in 2008, Andrea Ypsilanti’s coalition with the Left failed not because of the Left Party, but because of her own party’s pro-corporate members of the state parliament. In Saarland, the Greens have given priority to cooperation with the FDP and the CDU over a reform alliance with the SPD and Greens.