Verena becker: target investigators shadowed her in singen

BND is said to have been involved

The exchange of gunfire between RAF terrorists Verena Becker and Gunter Sonnenberg with the Singen police on 3. May 1977 still makes waves more than 30 years later. According to the author’s information from intelligence circles, the actual events at that time differed considerably from the officially disseminated version. According to the report, the German foreign intelligence service BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) was involved in the operation. Becker and Sonnenberg were under surveillance all the time.

Often, a person’s conscience can apparently weigh more heavily on him than the less rosy prospect of punishment under Section 353 b of the German Criminal Code. The law clearly states what can be expected of those who divulge official secrets: High fines or even imprisonment. This also applies to officials. They can be prosecuted even after they retire – by losing pension rights. This makes it all the more astonishing that (a few) former members of high security circles nevertheless reveal – in carefully measured doses – details from the time of terror in Germany. This was also the case in the momentous encounter between Verena Becker, Gunter Sonnenberg and the police in Singen on Lake Constance.


Mh17: ukrainian president between russia and the jit

Mh17: ukrainian president between russia and the jit

In media circulating picture of the kidnapped after the abduction.

Moscow suddenly demands the extradition of the abducted Tsemakh from Kiev, the JIT demands not to do so because he has now become not only a witness but also a suspect

At 27. June, the Ukrainian secret service SBU had arrested Vladimir (Volodymyr) Tsemakh from his apartment in Snizhne in the "People’s Republic of Donetsk" abducted. Since then he has been detained in Ukraine. He is accused of founding a terrorist organization. Ukrainian intelligence sees him as an important witness for the downing of MH17. He is to testify against the four men charged by the JIT as responsible for the crime. Since he cannot be extradited as a Ukrainian citizen, it was planned to question him via video conference as a witness in the trial scheduled for March in the Netherlands. Actually, a judge had initially ordered a two-month detention, which had ended at the end of August, but it has now been extended while a conflict between Kiev, Moscow and the JIT is going on in the background.


For the first time, us spy court does not rule for the government

For the first time, a court file of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), which is also responsible for the NSA eavesdropping program, has been made public

The court file bears the file number "Misc. 13-01", is the first "other" Act of 2013. In this proceeding, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, established some 35 years ago, also ruled for someone other than the U.S. government for what appears to be the first time. The petitioning civil rights organization EFF is pleased with the success it achieved on Wednesday, although it is only a partial victory. EFF seeks (partial) disclosure of a single FISC decision by the Department of Justice.

The spy court

The FISC was established in 1978 and authorizes electronic surveillance and physical searches of non-U.S. citizens in the U.S. at the request of government agencies. The procedures are usually contentious because the target of the surveillance or search is not informed of the procedure or the decision. Only the target’s telephone or Internet provider can fight an order, but it must also keep quiet about it. In addition, the FISC can order the surrender of all physical items, including data.


Without any experience in crisis management

The resigned head of the U.S. disaster management agency FEMA seeks to shift responsibility for the failure in the natural disaster in New Orleans

Michael Brown was the head of FEMA until 12.9. head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which has faced sharp criticism since it was so slow to respond to the natural disaster in New Orleans. On Tuesday, he was forced to answer to a U.S. congressional committee. However, all but two Democrats boycotted the committee, fearing it was only there to save Brown’s skin. Brown himself told the committee Tuesday that he sees his main failure as being, "not to have realized on Saturday two days before Katrina’s shore leave that Louisiana was no longer functioning at all."

So Louisiana Governor Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Nagin, both Democrats, were to blame for the failure. Brown had distinguished himself for his position as FEMA chief in part because his handler had been a friend from college days. Previously, Brown had gained experience in crisis management mainly as the head of the International Arabian Horses Organization, where he also had to step down after it almost went bankrupt and had to be financially rescued by the Arabian Horse Registry of America.


Bring them home now!

Against the occupation of Iraq and withdrawal of all US troops – Now even soldiers and their families, reservists and veterans are openly criticizing the Bush administration

With the U.S. occupation of Iraq and the numerous attacks to which American soldiers fall victim almost every day, the anti-war movement in the U.S. is looking for new focal points for action. The new program is against the occupation of Iraq and the withdrawal of all US troops. The Congressional Budget Office has also spoken out in favor of the withdrawal of soldiers, because the personnel-intensive deployment in Iraq threatens the worldwide military presence of the USA.


“Now, of all times, the cooperation in one of the most spectacular anti-terrorist operations has become known”

The BND is suddenly said to be not only a lackey, but an important partner of the US intelligence services

Bild am Sonntag has reported that the German intelligence agency BND, which is under prere for acting as a lackey of the NSA and allegedly helped spy on European politicians and companies on its behalf, also helped US intelligence services. Of all things, U.S. intelligence agencies are said to have reported to Springerblatt five years after bin Laden was killed that the BND played a significant role in the hunt for the al-Qaida chief.

The newspaper also gives every reason to be suspicious when it writes at the outset: "There is a lot to criticize about the cooperation between German and U.S. intelligence services. But there have also been successes in the fight against terror…" So the BND should be exonerated a little bit and be upgraded as an important partner by the US intelligence services? "Now of all times" the "cooperation in one of the most spectacular anti-terrorist operations known to mankind".