BENEFIT: Drone Life News 002 – Walmart Invests in Drone Shipment Start-up DroneUp, Most Current on Amazon Drone Shipment, Google Wing Talk About Drone Remote ID

We are back with another Drone Life News reveal with the unbelievable Miriam McNabb of DroneLife and JobforDrones to show us a few of the current and most amazing news from the world of drones.

Our most significant story today has to do with drone shipments. While much has actually been blogged about Amazon’s venture into drone shipments, it appears that rival, Walmart is acquiring more traction in this area. Drone lovers will be thrilled to discover that Walmart just recently purchased drone shipment company, DroneUP for making last-mile shipments.

While this advancement is definitely motivating, it appears that business in the United States are dragging other nations as far as development is worried. This acts as a great segue to our next story– which has to do with UK’s Catapult Task. You will learn more about this pilot task executed by the UK for drone remote-id And why their method is far much better compared to the United States.

Towards completion of the program, we share some fantastic Amazon Prime Day deals for drone pilots. You undoubtedly do not wish to miss this one. Take pleasure in!

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  • [00:24] The NASA UAS Security Reporting System is Open, Confidential, and Nonpunitive
  • [04:02] Walmart buys Drone Shipment company, DroneUp for last-mile shipments
  • [05:30] When can we anticipate Amazon drone shipment to lastly fly?
  • [09:15] Can we anticipate company to make drone shipments under Part 107?
  • [11:08] Google Wing takes part in UK Catapult Task
  • [12:50] UK’s method to drone remote-id is considerably various from the United States’s broadcast-only method
  • [16:32] What is the status of drone remote-id in the UK?
  • [18:00] Is the United States lagging behind the remainder of the world as far as development is worried?
  • [19:00] Amazon Prime Day– Do not lose out on some killer one-in-year offers!

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