Female detainees most likely to report opioid usage, get treatment


Lacy B, et al. Opioid epidemic in prisons: Incarcerated women disproportionately impacted by opioid usage condition and opioid withdrawal. Provided at: American Psychiatric Association Yearly Satisfying; May 20-24, 2023; San Francisco.

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Secret takeaways:

  • In jails, females were most likely to report opioid usage and have actually opioid usage condition compared to males.
  • Females were most likely to get treatment upon consumption.

SAN FRANCISCO– Amongst detainees, females were most likely to have opioid usage condition and most likely to get treatment at consumption compared to males, according to a poster provided here.

” The primary finding that was the most stunning to us was the variation in between males and females with opioid usage,” Ambriale Davis, MILES PER HOUR, a third-year medical trainee at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, informed Healio at the American Psychiatric Association Yearly Satisfying.

. . . . . . . .(* ) .PSYCH0523_APA_Davis_Graphic_01 . . According to research study, female detainees most likely to report opioid usage, get treatment.
Image: Adobe Stock . .
Davis and coworkers arbitrarily chosen 507 charts amongst 1,841 clients seen for

psychiatric treatment at a county reformatory in December 2020, according to the poster. The scientists examined market and opioid usage details from consumption health screening and psychiatry scientific paperwork. In General, 67.3% of the research study sample were males and 12.4% had

opioid usage condition (OUD), 52.4% of whom were males and 47.6% of whom were females. The frequency of OUD was greater amongst females compared to males (18.1% vs. 9.7%; P <

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