ADU 01285: Why does DJI no longer permit third birthday party apps at the RC Professional?

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On These days’s display we speak about if DJI has made a planned transfer to restrict 3rd birthday party integrations at the RC Professional? Our query for as of late is from Steve who wish to know why DJI is fending off integration with 3rd birthday party apps, how pilots can make the most of 3rd birthday party apps reminiscent of Drone Deploy whilst using DJI’s merchandise. Thank you for the query Steve !!

We commence off our reaction by means of informing our audience as to what DJI has to say in its contemporary bulletins on integrations and the way DJI plan to deliver any long term integrations thru its SDK. We additionally deal with drones that might paintings with packages reminiscent of Drone Deploy and the way such integrations can assist pilots make knowledgeable choices whilst buying a drone and issues that pilots want to pay attention to, all over drone purchases.

In as of late’s episode we additionally do a snappy assessment of the Mavic 3 Endeavor and the M30T discussing the options, pricing and use instances. Track in as of late for those who’d love to make knowledgeable acquire of a drone all over this Vacation season!!

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[00:58] Review of as of late’s display on Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Endeavor, packages and mapping features
[03:21] These days’s query on why DJI does no longer permit 3rd birthday party apps on their drones
[04:48] What does DJI have to say about SDK and long term trade choices that we will be able to be expecting from DJI
[05:58] Drones that Drone Deploy would paintings and is appropriate with
[09:35] This drone is probably the most closest to exchange the Phantom 4 v2
[10:00] Mavic 3 Endeavor and M30T drone comparisons

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