GrapeCity’s ComponentOne 2023 v1 consists of a brand-new multi-column combobox for the WinForms edition

GrapeCity, company of business software application advancement tools, today revealed ComponentOne 2023 v1, the business’s very first significant software application release of the year.

With this, users get a brand-new multi-column combobox for the WinForms edition, brand-new evaluates for the WPF edition, GeoJSON assistance contributed to maps for WinForms and WPF, and FlexGrid enhancements.

C1MultiColumnCombo, the multi-column dropdown control, provides users support for information binding, browsing, filtering, highlighting, choice, and information sorting. The control is a.NET 6 library, however it works in both.NET 6 and 7 applications.

The 2023 v1 release likewise enables WinForms and WPF designers to include shapes on maps using GeoJSON files.

According to the business, the GeoJSON abilities consist of points that let.NET designers include addresses and areas, line strings representing streets, limits, polygons that mark the political borders of nations, and provinces.

Furthermore, the ComponentOne group has actually reworded the WPF evaluates library and constructed brand-new controls for.NET 6 which are tailored towards offering much easier to utilize, cleaner, and more contemporary styles.

The C1.WPF.Gauge library provides users 3 parts for basic horizontal, vertical, curved, and bullet chart evaluates, with varieties and worths that are shown immediately.

” In this release we handled to include end-user and efficiency improvements for FlexGrid throughout every.NET platform so no matter what type of apps you are developing, ComponentOne datagrids have you covered,” stated Greg Lutz, item supervisor for the 2023 v1 release.

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