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Zimbabwe in southern Africa functions safari locations, nature reserves, parks, the Victoria Falls waterfall, national forests, and the Zambezi River.

It’s a nation worth going to for lots of, yourself consisted of. You have an interest in taking your drone on your experiences.

Can you fly a drone in Zimbabwe?

The Civil Air Travel Authority of Zimbabwe allows drone usage in the nation, however you need to follow all CAAZ laws and guidelines. Register your drone prior to your journey, acquire an approval letter, and have insurance coverage.

This guide will inform you whatever you require to understand to fly a drone in Zimbabwe, including what you require to do previously and throughout your journey for safe journeys.

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Prior to you fly– Prepping for your journey to Zimbabwe

When going to another nation, specifically for the very first time, you need to prepare and prepare beforehand.

CAAZ, Zimbabwe’s civil air travel company, needs pilots to request flight approval through them 30 or more days prior to their prepared arrival in Zimbabwe.

When using, you need to share important information, such as:

  • The information of your prepared flights, consisting of where you wish to go and when
  • The length of time you prepare to remain in Zimbabwe
  • Information of your drone usage experience, consisting of the length of time you have actually flown drones
  • Which nation you have actually registered your drone (presuming you have actually registered your drone)
  • Details on your drone, including its specifications, weight, producer, identification number, and design
  • Your complete name and address

You may likewise need to send out in images of your drone, consisting of electronic cameras and other unique functions.

Even more, CAAZ will do a background look at you, so it assists if you have a tidy record. If you do not, you may not get flight approval.

If you get authorized, CAAZ will detail exactly where in Zimbabwe you can utilize your drone versus where you can’t. Ensure to follow those standards when you fly.

If you have yet to register your drone, you need to do that prior to you leave for Zimbabwe. You can sign up in your house nation.

Next, you need to load your drone for the flight.

We advise a bag or storage case that fulfills the measurement requirements of a carry-on or inspected bag according to the airline company you’re flying through.

In this manner, you can bring your drone on your individual, lowering its danger of theft and damage.

Bring a lot of extra batteries however take them out of your drone prior to you go into the airport. Be forewarned that Zimbabwe forbids raw lithium exports since 2022 unless you have actually composed consent.

That can make moving batteries into the nation tough. You can constantly purchase batteries when you get here if your drone utilizes lithium-based batteries.

Simply do not buy a lot of, as you will not have the ability to take them back house with you.

Can you fly a drone in Zimbabwe?

CAAZ enables drones to fly in Zimbabwe, however the requirements to do so differ depending upon whether this is your native nation.

Besides needing drone pilots from other nations to get approval from CAAZ prior to going into the nation, CAAZ likewise mandates these pilots to request a Short-term Import License.

You’ll need to go through the Zimbabwe Income Authority to acquire your suggestion.

Drone laws and guidelines in Zimbabwe

CAAZ has a series of drone guidelines and guidelines which all pilots need to comply with. Prior to you get here in Zimbabwe and introduce your drone, make certain you’re privy to these guidelines.

You need to have a legitimate drone license

To request a drone license in Zimbabwe, you need to be 18 or older.

CAAZ concerns the test one requires to acquire a license. The test needs your proficiency of drone guidelines in Zimbabwe.

You’ll pay a one-time charge of $300 (unless you need to take the test once again, then you need to pay the charge a 2nd time).

The test takes about 2 hours to finish. If you pass, CAAZ will release you a Zimbabwean drone license.

Register your drone

CAAZ utilizes some complicated terminology about whether it is adequate to have a drone registration from another nation or if you need to register your drone in Zimbabwe too.

We advise calling CAAZ by phone or by e-mail or visiting their site for more details.

The contact number to reach CAAZ is +263 4 585 073, and the e-mail address is [email protected]

Industrial pilots need to have consent (and frequently allows) to run

While CAAZ enables business drone usage in Zimbabwe, you need to have consent through the air travel company.

The exact same official actions as pointed out previously in this guide use.

You’ll likely require more than CAAZ consent for drone photography and videography however a license too. You ought to likewise register your drone with CAAZ as an industrial pilot.

You need to have insurance coverage

Drone insurance coverage isn’t optional in Zimbabwe. CAAZ needs insurance coverage to safeguard you if you crash your drone when utilizing it in the nation.

Nevertheless, CAAZ does not define just how much the insurance coverage ought to be, so call them and ask.

By the method, the drone insurance coverage guideline uses to business and leisure pilots alike.

Do not fly over 120 meters

Zimbabwe drone laws limit drone pilots from rising beyond 120 meters or 400 feet for the defense of manned airplane.

Stay within 3 miles of an airfield or airport

CAAZ forbids drone usage closer than 5 kilometers or 3 nautical miles from any airfield or airport in Zimbabwe.

Those consist of:

  • Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport
  • Victoria Falls Airport
  • Joshua Mquabuko Nkomo International Airport
  • Kariba Airport
  • Hwange National Forest Airport
  • Masvingo Airport
  • Zvishavane Airport
  • Mutoko Airport
  • Grand Reef Airport
  • Mutare Airport
  • Mount Darwin Airport
  • Kwekwe East Airport
  • Marondera Airport
  • Kotwa Airport
  • Hwange Town Airport
  • Gweru-Thornhill Air Base
  • Buffalo Variety Airport
  • Centenary Airport
  • Chipinge Airport

You need to have consent to fly at night

If you were intending on some night flights in Zimbabwe, you’ll need to take that up with CAAZ. The flight authority mandates that pilots have consent prior to requiring to the skies in the evening.

Utilizing your drone in the evening without CAAZ approval is prohibited. There are far a lot of security dangers in the evening such as low presence that can confuse pilots and trigger drone crashes.

You need to keep your drone within the preestablished range

You can run your drone in between 500 and 1,000 meters or 1,640 to 3,280 feet just if you have actually a certified visual observer and CAAZ consent.

In all other circumstances, you need to fly your drone within your natural visual line of vision.

You need to utilize an altimeter

Besides complying with the drone elevation guidelines pointed out previously, your drone needs to have an altimeter so you can examine its elevation as you fly.

If you can not attach an altimeter to your drone or it does not featured one by default, you need to comply with CAAZ’s toy drone guidelines.

Those limitation your drone height to 300 meters and your horizontal range to 500 meters.

You need to constantly have the ability to preserve VLOS on your drone when following toy drone guidelines.

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Zimbabwe is a great nation to go to with your drone, as CAAZ enables foreign pilots to go into the nation and fly.

Nevertheless, you need to use with CAAZ a minimum of a month prior to your journey and acquire consent.

You’ll likewise require a license if you run your drone commercially. You may need to register your drone in Zimbabwe.

When going to another nation, we advise downloading and counting on a drone map to direct you on your journeys. The map will information no-fly zones, typically in red.

Do understand that CAAZ’s approval may enable you to go into zones that a map will state is off-limits in some circumstances.

Nevertheless, make certain you have actually all your needed documents on your individual, consisting of CAAZ consent, your drone license, and your registration in case you’re asked to produce it.

Safe takes a trip!

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