Is the Virtual Flight app suitable with the DJI RC Movement 2?

Successive in our “Ask Drone Woman” series explores the history of the DJI Virtual Flight app, how it couple with other DJI FPV drones and controllers, and why it’s no longer suitable with the DJI RC Movement 2. If you have a concern for Drone Woman, call her here

I simply bought the DJI Safety Glasses Integra and DJI RC Movement 2 Combination Set with Avata drone This is my very first FPV drone, and I was delighted to begin experimenting the DJI Virtual Flight App. Regrettably it appears like the RC Movement 2 is not suitable. Any ideas ??

– Lisa

Hey Lisa,

Regrettably, you are proper. The DJI Virtual Flight App is not DJI RC Movement 2 suitable. I validated with my contact with DJI that there is no option for practicing FPV flight with the Movement Controller 2.

DJI likewise did refrain from doing anything to show that an app upgrade would be coming that might possibly make it DJI RC Movement 2 suitable. So, I fear your alternatives are slim.

This is extremely discouraging. After all, you invested $1,428 on the DJI Avata Pro-View Combination with DJI RC Movement 2, and you can’t even experiment it through an app that was at first highly-touted when the DJI Avata initially introduced in August 2022. So, prior to I dive into my ideas for what to do, let’s offer readers a little bit of history:

What is the DJI RC Movement 2?

The DJI RC Movement is a distinct kind of joystick controller created to choose the DJI Avata, which is a Cinewhoop-style FPV drone Unlike the Nintendo-style controllers of the majority of drones, this one is a gadget that you generally keep in simply one hand looking like a blaster weapon. As you wave it around, the drone relocates tandem.

While cool, it had some concerns. In March 2023, DJI upgraded a number of the issues with the initial Movement Controller with the launch of what was called the DJI RC Movement 2, which is now what is marketed today to accompany the DJI Avata drone.

An updated joystick and accelerator now provides a reverse function, which much better provides you power to determine multidirectional flight, consisting of vertical, backwards, and sideways– and is likewise useful in rapidly changing the instructions or selecting an area to land. This controller likewise includes an Fn dial that lets users rapidly change the video camera’s ISO, shutter, and other criteria without needing to connect with the safety glasses.

The brand-new DJI RC Movement 2 is normally thought about a far exceptional item to the initial DJI Movement Controller. A lot so that DJI has actually phased out even making the initial, and you will not have the ability to purchase one straight from DJI.

However there is one location where the initial DJI Movement Controller was much better than the DJI RC Movement 2, which’s compatibility with a DJI-made virtual flight app.

DJI Virtual Flight app

The now (relatively inactive) DJI Virtual Flight app

DJI developed a totally free flight simulator app called the DJI Fly app back in 2021 to accompany the launch of another FPV drone, the DJI FPV It was then rollovered for usage with the preliminary Avata controller.

And through it, the app provided a fairly-realistic flying experience, combined with comprehensive tutorials on how to run the drone. Through it, you might combine your controller with an Apple or Android smart device to imitate flying in an otherwise safe environment. You might likewise utilize it to try out numerous settings prior to utilizing them in reality.

However not just has DJI stopped producing the DJI RC, it appears to have actually quit any concentrate on keeping the app. The last time this app got an upgrade in the Apple App Shop was more than 6 months earlier in September 2022.

For what it deserves, the app never ever actually got excellent evaluations. Individuals stated the feedback of the controllers were laggier than what they remain in reality. The app would frequently freeze. Changing modes was tough and often difficult.

It appears that possibly DJI has actually quit on repairing it (a minimum of in the meantime) though there are no clear strategies to choose it back up.

The DJI Movement Controller

Your alternatives for experimenting the DJI RC Movement 2 Controller

So with that, here are some alternatives for you:

Buy another controller that works (not advised)

If you’re actually set on utilizing the DJI Virtual Flight app, you’ll need to rely on another among the Virtual Flight suitable gadgets. The DJI Virtual Flight app works with:

  • DJI FPV Safety Glasses V2
  • DJI FPV Remote Controller 2
  • DJI FPV Movement Controller

Obviously, this suggests spending more cash than you currently paid. It likewise may be difficult to find a few of these products like the initial Movement Controller, though you may discover them on racks that have not offered out yet or you may get a deep discount rate by purchasing them utilized (simply comprehend the threats of purchasing utilized drones). At press time, it’s offered on Amazon at a 30% discount rate from its initial $200 rate.

Utilize a various simulator

There are other non-DJI simulators that you might try out. While I enjoy simulators like the Drone Racing League’s DRL SIM (which costs $9.99) it’s not created in the design of the Movement Controller however rather a more conventional drone RC, so it may not end up being all that useful to you. and is created to assist total newbies find out the essentials.

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Suck it up and simply fly now!

Which brings me to my next piece of recommendations, which is to merely fly your Avata drone with your RC Movement 2 Controller out in the real life. Yes, without having actually practiced initially!

For beginners, there are numerous integrated in security functions that are perfect for brand-new pilots. The movement controller’s Emergency situation Brake button lets you stop right away merely by tapping one button. And with assistance for RTH, you get included defense when the battery is low or signal leaves.

While it’s not entirely crash-proof, there’s down binocular vision and ToF infrared noticing, which spot challenges listed below.

For what it deserves, the controller– albeit a bit various for individuals utilized to the conventional DJI controllers– is really extremely user-friendly after a couple of minutes for the majority of people.

My finest recommendations is to merely take the drone someplace safe, low-risk and secured where you can practice in, state, a fenced yard without any other individuals around aside from a spotter.

And if you are flying within, there’s an integrated prop guard both to safeguard the drone and the walls where you may undoubtedly crash into.

Pleased flying!

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