homebrew – Trying to utilize QEMU/UTM on Mac – setup of Windows needs chntpw

I am trying to follow the guidelines for utilizing UTM on Mac and after that to construct a Windows VM.

The very first concern is that when I attempt to download the The script that obviously develops the ISO for windows uup_download_macos. sh, it needs some energies. The guidelines state to utilize Homebrew, however I am sort of dedicated to Macports and they do not play well together. I had the ability to get all the energies from Macports other than chntpw (which is noted as minacle/chntpw/chntpw).

Exists a method to get chntpw in some other method?

I was believing to establish a macOS VM with brew, and get it there, however that is a great deal of work if there is an easier method.

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